Compare Retirement Planning Calculators

I investigate some retirement planning calculators. Some calculators seem to be useful tools, but they are merely tools to enable you to be better informed and prepared in taking control of your retirement planning.

I cannot emphasize enough that retirement calculators are merely tools for educational purposes only. You cannot rely on it for your retirement planning decisions. You'll need a qualified advisor for that.

The more calculators you investigate the better you'll understand the issues and dynamics around your own retirement planning.

The two calculators below open in new windows to allow you to compare results.

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The simplest and most innovative calculator planning retirement I could find is offered by Vangaurd.

You merely need to use the sliders to represent your current situation and your expectations.

It tells you what monthly retirement income you may expect and it suggests what monthly income you'll need!


The calculator offered by Kiplinger estimates how much you should be saving each month to achieve your retirement planning goal.

Play around with these retirement planning calculators, but be sure to move on to a real retirement income planner. Do not rely on the results from these calculators to make financial decisions.

Here are some more options on calculators:

Simple Retirement Calculator

I found a simple retirement calculator that's easy to use and fun to play with. But can you use it to base your serious retirement planning decisions on?

A Basic Retirement Calculator

What's required in a basic retirement calculator? I found that crucial and significant parameters are often ignored.

Try a Retirement Annuity Calculator

Several options exist when you are looking for this type of calculator. I review a couple on this page.

A Free Retirement Calculator? - Is it any Good?

Is a free retirement calculator any good? After all, everybody knows that there is no free lunch! We look at the good and the bad.

Choose a Retirement Income Calculator

There are many retirement income calculators available. I investigated several and here are some good options.

A Life Expectancy Calculator in Retirement Planning?

A life expectancy calculator is used in retirement planning when you get to the stage where you want to use your retirement income planner to predict your estimated retirement income.

Is a Retirement Investment Calculator of any use?

A retirement investment calculator could be very misleading when used in isolation. However, when you have educated yourself about retirement investment planning, such a calculator could be used for rough estimates.

Social Security Calculator

Social Security Calculator is perhaps a misnomer. Social Security Benefits Estimator is perhaps a better description.

Compare Retirement Planning Calculators

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