Retirement Investment Planning Manages Risk and Uncertainty

Retirement investment planning is about management of risk and uncertainty. How do you squeeze out of the principal in your retirement savings account the maximum return without touching your principle?

It is with trepidation that I attempt a discussion about retirement investment. But perhaps you can share some insights with our visitors.


The collapse of the markets during 2008 and 2009 certainly devastated much of my retirement investment portfolio.

Of all the retirement investment products that I investigated over the years only one weathered the recent financial crisis. And I did not invest in this particular product offered by a Dutch investment banking group. I regarded their methodology using leverage as too risky!


The goal of retirement investment planning is to supply you with enough after tax income, adjusted for inflation, to fund your chosen lifestyle.

As proved by the recent financial crisis, diversification is not as robust a strategy against risk and uncertainty as it was claimed to be. But it does soften the blow when things go wrong.


It is my opinion that your retirement years is not the time for high risk investments. When things go wrong you just don't have the time to recover.

Believe me, you will be tempted! If an investment is presented as 'can't go wrong', a 'no-brainer', or too good to be true, walk away. Don't invest. Traditional investments are risky enough as it is!

In the discussions below we would like to stimulate the sharing of views and insights of our visitors as to retirement investment planning.

Retirement Investment Advice

Retirement investment advice is freely available. From your bank, your insurer, the man in the street, and from the popular press. But where do you go for independent retirement investment planning?

Retirement Planning Investment Information

When you seek retirement planning investment information, you are immediately hit by a deluge of confusing and contradicting 'noise', to put it kindly.

What's Your Retirement Investment Options?

Your retirement investment options are divided into two groups – employer sponsored plans or pensions - and individual plans.

Which Retirement Planning Solutions Should You Consider?

Which retirement planning solutions will work for you? Only those solutions where you are actively involved!

Savings for Retirement

Savings for retirement can be in many forms. But in all cases savings must be structured, with a clear goal, and lots of self discipline.

Are Retirement Apartments an Investment Option?

Should you invest in Retirement Apartments? Based on my personal research and experience, I would like to express some views. It might help you in making your decision.

Investment for Retirement

Your investment for retirement has the simple goal of accumulating the highest possible value of investments by the time you retire.

Retirement Portfolios Revisited

Retirement portfolios evolved over many years to a sophistication that was thought to be rock solid. Well, today we know that the diversified portfolio we thought to be solid did not stand the test of time.

Managed Forex Accounts Better Left Alone!

Managed forex accounts services advertise 15 to 50% per month return on your investment! At a time when achieving a 4% per annum return on your investment is considered to be pretty good? Something just doesn't add up!

My Stock Market Timing Stinks! Better Left to Professionals

Stock market timing is not an issue during a bull market. In the prevailing uncertain market conditions, however, you have a moving target.

Retirement Income Funds Fill the Gap

Retirement income funds fill the gap between having your personal retirement investment advisor, who manages your portfolio and portfolio distributions, and income annuities.

What is an Investment Retirement Account?

Is an Investment Retirement Account a new retirement plan? If you are new to Retirement Planning and, more specifically, Retirement Investment Planning some concepts might be confusing. Let me try to clarify.

Personal Wealth Management for Your Retirement

Personal wealth management is about making provision – before and after your retirement - for your comfort and chosen lifestyle in retirement.

Your Investment Policy Statement

Your investment policy statement is a document that describes your personal investment strategy for your retirement investment planning. It defines also your commitment to your investment plan.

Sample Portfolios Did Not Work for Me

Sample portfolios always fascinated me. For more than thirty years I subscribed to many investment newsletters and magazines from all over the world. And most of these publications would regularly publish portfolios that they recommended at that stage.

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