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Retirement Mistakes

I made many mistakes. Before retirement and after retirement.

Insurers warn consistently that helping adult children can kill your retirement fund. But it is hard for parents not to help!

During April 2013 the insurer Prudential reported that an estimated 20% of people approaching retirement will continue to support their adult children.

"With expected retirement incomes at a five-year low, any additional outgoings could cause financial strain."

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Myths About Retirement

In the course of my exposure to retirement planning through the medium of this Website, I'm often appalled by the myths people still believe about retirement.

For example: Most people underestimate their own longevity. In spite of statistical evidence.

In all fairness, I believed many of these myths myself! In this article I discuss some of the mistakes I made.

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Some Retirement Provision Plans

Natixis Global Asset Management released its Global Retirement Index on March 7, 2013. The Index attempts to determine how well retired people live. It measures 20 factors including health, wealth, and quality of life.

The overall top three ranking positions went to Norway, Switzerland, and Luxembourg - in that order. No surprises here. However, what did surprise me was the US overall ranking at position 19 - lower than countries like Slovenia, Czech Republic, and Slovakia!

Commentators point out that American retirees need to save to a large degree for their own retirement. And that the economic downturn has made matters worse.

It is estimated that some 53 percent of Americans are not making adequate provision for retirement.

The urgency to take control of your personal retirement planning is clear.

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Your Business at Home Makes Perfect Sense!

Your business at home is probably the only retirement job option that makes perfect sense.

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My Top Ten Reasons to Retire

The top ten reasons to retire would differ from person to person. I don't think there is an ultimate and undisputed list that would fit everybody.

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Will Your Retirement Wishes Come True?

Retirement wishes will come your way from colleagues and friends. Some funny, and some serious. But what really matters are your own wishes. And only you can make your wishes come true.

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A Retirement Planning Worksheet? Which One?

A Retirement Planning Worksheet is freely available from several sources. The question is: Which one is right for you?

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Retirement Planning Strategies Converge

Retirement planning strategies eventually converge because it shares a common goal: To have enough money in your retirement accounts by the time you retire.

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