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There are many retirement income calculators available. I investigated several and here are some good options.

Play around with these calculators, but be sure to move on to a real retirement income planner. Do not rely on the results from any retirement calculator to make financial decisions.

Each calculator opens in a separate window. Switch between these windows on your screen to see how the estimates differ! Because they do differ. Some calculations are too optimistic. Be rather conservative and pessimistic when choosing interest and tax rates.

MSN Money

This is the most simple and self explanatory calculator I found. But you cannot adjust the tax rates.

I like it as an introductory calculator because of the simple choice you need to make. The Retirement Savings and Assumption choices are easy to understand.

Be more pessimistic in your choice of Expected Inflation. All indications are that inflation will worsen.

Post-retirement investment return would be significantly lower than your Pre-retirement investment return simply because post-retirement investments are always more conservative and expected returns thus also less.


Another simple calculator. You can adjust the inflation rate as well as the pre-retirement and post-retirement tax rates.

It gives you your expected monthly income in today's dollar value. Although it displays the US$ sign, this calculator can be used for any currency.

The estimates I got with this calculator seemed to be more realistic than other estimates.

Many other companies offer the same calculator.


This is a very innovative calculator. It tells you what monthly retirement income you may expect and it suggests what monthly income you'll need!

I like it because 'What if' scenarios are very visual. It 'forces' you to save more annually to match what you would need at retirement.

Let me repeat: Do not rely on the results from any calculator to make financial decisions. Work through a proper retirement income planner with a qualified advisor.

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