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Social Security Calculator is perhaps a misnomer. Social Security Benefits Estimator is perhaps a better description.

Even the official Social Security Retirement Estimator points out that that they can only provide estimates and nothing more. The actual benefit amount can only be calculated when you apply for benefits.

As I have stated elsewhere on this Website, Social Security is not a Retirement Plan. I don't think it would be wise to rely on Social Security for your retirement. Please visit the various discussions about retirement planning on this Website. Educate yourself and make retirement provision your priority. Take control of your retirement planning. Eliminate uncertainty!

In the United States of America you qualify for Social Security benefits by earning Social Security credits when you work in a job and pay Social Security taxes. You need to work, and pay Social Security taxes, for at least 10 years (40 Social Security credits) to qualify for retirement benefits. Not all employees work in jobs covered by Social Security.

When you finally apply for benefits your monthly Social Security check will depend on how much you've paid into the system during your employment over the years. But the longer you are able to wait, the bigger that check will be.

The official Social Security Website offers several calculators – from rough estimates to fairly accurate estimates. When you click on the link it opens in a new window. Start with the Quick Calculator for quick estimates.

But, in my opinion, the benefit estimator offered by is a much more visual quick calculator. When you click on the link it opens in another new window. This allows you to compare estimates done on the different calculators.

The calculator makes 'what if' scenarios easy. What if you postpone applying for benefits for 1, 2, or 5 years? Make the change in the 'Age of retirement' space and click on 'Calculate'.

If you click on 'View Report' you get a more detailed summary. Please note that the estimate assumes that only one of the spouses work. The estimate also assumes that you were building Social Security credits your entire career.

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