Which Retirement Planning Resources are Available?

Frankly, the list of retirement planning resources is endless. The limiting factors are cost, accessibility, and reliability.

That's why I recommend that you educate yourself sufficiently to enable you to take control of your own retirement planning. Only when you have eliminated uncertainty would you be confident enough to choose the planning resources you want to use.

And you can learn about many aspects of retirement planning right here on this website. In fact, Retirement-Planning-Central.Com is one of the retirement planning resources you are looking for! I have done much of the research already on your behalf.

The most obvious resources would be articles in the archives of newspapers and financial magazines. For example, if you go to the website of The Wall Street Journal you'll find under Personal Finance a section on Retirement Planning. It contains great articles on related issues.

Government agencies and industry associations are usually independent planning resources. Insurance and investment companies and banks could also be good resources, but their advice might be slanted towards their own retirement provision products.

A Handbook for Retirement Planning

One resource you should consider is a handbook for retirement planning. I spent considerable time to research handbooks and there are many to choose from. Only a few really deliver.

Retirement Planning Seminars

Many employers and institutions offer retirement planning seminars. If you have access to such a seminar do not miss the opportunity. Seminars are valuable resources.

Other resources that I investigated are:

A Retirement Planning Worksheet? Which One?

Many Retirement Planning Worksheets are freely available from several sources. The question is: Which one is right for you?

I worked through several of the worksheets on offer and came to the conclusion that there isn't one single all-inclusive retirement planning worksheet that covers all aspects of retirement planning.

A Retirement Planning Spreadsheet?

Is a retirement planning spreadsheet of any use? If you know how to do a spreadsheet analysis you will probably want to forecast your future using your own homemade spreadsheet.

Which Retirement Planning Program?

A retirement planning program is in much demand by visitors to Retirement-Planning-Central.Com. However, it is with reluctance that I attempt an opinion – even after extensive research. Follow the link to read my conclusion.

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