A Handbook Planning Retirement? Many to Choose From, but Only a Few Really Deliver!

I need a handbook planning retirement! This is the cry I hear from many visitors.

Retirement Planning can be complex. On this Website we urge you to educate yourself and be informed. To take control of your retirement planning.

However, for some people reading the many discussions we have on this Website is not an option.

"I want a handbook planning retirement!!"

OK! OK! I got the message.

I spent considerable time to research handbooks and there are so many to choose from, that I kept on procrastinating. Only a few really deliver.

I was looking for a handbook that

  • provides a good overview of the financial planning process;
  • is detailed enough to do a financial plan;
  • establish an affordable expense budget in retirement;
  • explain how you determine the amounts that can be safely withdrawn from investments;
  • and include detailed worksheets to do all this.

Ultimately a how-to-do-it guide with which you can do your own financial retirement plan.

Furthermore, I looked for a handbook written by somebody without an agenda. Many handbook are 'sponsored' by retirement planning businesses. Or by academics. I wanted to avoid that. Ideally a writer that's 'been there; done that'. Successfully.

The above criteria narrowed the field considerably, but there were still many handbooks to choose from.

Let's have some fun here. Use the Amazon.com Search Box right here and search for the keywords “secure retirement”. The first book listed, Getting Started in A Financially Secure Retirement by H.K. Hebeler, would be my first choice. Read the reviews and if you don't like this choice, come back to this page.

Use the Search Box and search for the keywords “retirement planning”. My second choice would be The AARP Retirement Survival Guide by Julie Jason. Third place goes to The Boglehead's Guide to Retirement Planning. Read the reviews. I think you will come to the conclusion that my first choice – the handbook by H.K. Hebeler – is the book to buy.

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