Is Retirement Planning Online Feasible?

Retirement planning online is, in my opinion, not yet feasible. However, a lot can be done online. You can educate yourself online to such a degree that you can take control of your retirement planning with confidence.

Retirement planning online will explain to you the various retirement provision plans available to you and which provision plans offer the best tax advantage and tax deferral on your – and your employer's – contributions. But retirement planning is more than that. You need to diversify your retirement portfolio and this is where you enter a mine field.

I spent a lot of time on the Internet to research available planners, calculators, programs, handbooks, and other retirement planning tools. The results of my research are published on this Web site. If you spend the time online to educate yourself and try the different scenarios on planners, calculators, and spreadsheets you'll be able to eliminate uncertainty around retirement planning.

But if you expect to walk away with a detailed retirement plan that you prepared online, think again. I tried to do exactly that, but when it came to retirement investment planning I realized that I was hopelessly unqualified.

I thought I knew how to handle it, but I was uncertain. I eventually appointed an independent financial advisor to plan and manage my retirement portfolio. He brought new insights to the table that I would have missed out on.

I am ten years into retirement and often feel that we should switch to this investment or that investment in my portfolio – as advised by the financial press that I am tracking.

Every time my advisor would investigate the investment proposed and come back with a well prepared and motivated argument why the proposed investment might not be in my best interest. He's got access to studies and analysis of various banks, insurance companies, and investment companies. And he is trained to interpret this material!

Your retirement planning is too important to be left entirely to somebody else. But it is also too important to be attempted online without interaction with an independent and experienced advisor.

If you are not yet ready for an advisor, spend some time online on Retirement-Planning-Central.Com. And do consider the handbook for planning retirement that we recommend.

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