Free Retirement Planning is Not Really Free!

Free Retirement Planning? Think about it! Who can afford to give a vital and specialized service like retirement planning to you for free?

The one exception might be your employer. Employers are sympathetic towards employees nearing or entering retirement. Some large companies and institutions offer annual retirement planning seminars to their employees. Your employer might be willing to pay the fees for you to attend such a retirement planning seminar.

But attending a seminar is not going to give you the free planning you are looking for. In fact the retirement planning seminar would in all probability be far too late to get adequate retirement planning in place.

Your bank, insurance, or investment company might offer 'free' retirement planning, but invariably the plan would be slanted towards investing in their own products. And in my experience, that is not always in your best interest. You indirectly pay for your planning.

We've all been spoilt by the Internet! All, or at least much, information is freely available on the Internet. But if you don't know how to interpret all this information for your own benefit you could be misled or become complacent.

On this website we try to discuss all aspects of retirement planning. Visit the various pages, educate yourself, understand all the dynamics, and eliminate uncertainty! Only then can you take control of your own retirement planning.

Play around with the retirement planners, calculators, spreadsheets, workbooks, and other retirement planning tools we review. Learn what are the common deficiencies found in retirement planning tools.

You can go further and invest in a handbook planning retirement. Click the link to view the handbook that we recommend.

But at the end of the day we recommend that you find an independent, qualified, and experienced retirement planning adviser and manager. Ideally your adviser should charge a fee for his or her services and not rely on commissions for products or investment instruments that he/she recommends.

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