Is Retirement Planning Training for You?

Retirement planning training is sometimes required. When mere retirement planning education is not enough to get you committed to your own personal retirement planning discipline. To take control and to eliminate uncertainty.

The age old question used to illustrate the difference between training and education is: Would you consent to sex education for your teenage daughter, or would you prefer sex training for her?

On this Web site we discuss numerous retirement planning issues for your edification. And when I monitor the number of pages studied by visitors, I must assume that visitors are keen to educate themselves. But I have a personal and painful experience with retirement planning, where education didn't work, involving my own sister.

There are today planning training programs available to go beyond education alone. This training is sometimes offered in the form of a seminar over several days. The training programs are quite professional and you could go all the way to certification as a retirement planning adviser.

The training would have two components:

Financial Planning

This component covers all the basic money management issues that all of us face:

  • Take stock of your current financial health including your income, your spending, your debt
  • Define your objectives; at what age would you want to retire, define your retirement lifestyle, what retirement income would you need
  • Analysis and management of your assets
  • Strategies to save more
  • Strategies to avoid tax

Retirement investment planning

  • Employer supported retirement provision plans
  • Retirement funds, mutual funds
  • Annuities
  • Investment in Bonds, cash instruments, stock
  • Levels of risk tolerance
  • Balancing your portfolio
  • Opportunities for tax deferral

The training should include also a module on how to select an independent financial advisor for assisting you with your retirement and investment planning.

You should be able to walk away from your completed training with a comprehensive retirement plan and the self confidence that you can control your own retirement planning. That you eliminated uncertainty.

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