A Retirement Planning Guide Please!

Recommend a retirement planning guide? That's something I tried to avoid doing on this Website. After all, I personally did not follow a timely and orderly retirement provision plan. How can I recommend that you do it?

However, we reached a point in history where red lights are flashing all over the world regarding the amount people saved for retirement. In building and maintaining this Website about retirement planning, alarming reports and statistics cross my desk daily.

I think younger people, who are struggling themselves financially, will notice the predicament of retiring parents and their friends. The lowering of a lifestyle. The liquidating of assets. The increase in longevity.

An older friend, a learned man still quite healthy and vigorous at age 86 who had a successful professional career before he retired, recently remarked: I live too long! I have spent my retirement savings. Thank God for children that are financially successful and willing to support me!

I think the only positive thing that will happen as younger people observe the challenges of the older generation, is that they will start with their own retirement provision earlier and make it their priority. Much earlier. Like at age 25!

It doesn't come naturally. It calls for a concerted effort to educate yourself and to take control of your own retirement planning. And for a young person that's extremely boring because you feel untouchable. You feel like you're going to be young forever!

But let's then call it financial planning with an emphasis on retirement planning! Financial planning is something worthwhile pursuing at an early age.

On this Website we discuss many related issues for your edification. However, there are many guides available on the Internet and in bookshops around retirement planning.

I researched several of these guides. Every person's circumstances are different, but I was looking for a comprehensive guide covering:

  • An analysis of your current financial status
  • Definition of the retirement lifestyle you envisage
  • Your savings and investment options to achieve your goal
  • Challenges, choices, and decisions awaiting you along the way

The most comprehensive guide I could find is offered by Morgan Keegan & Company and you can download it right here.

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