Retirement Planning Articles Abound

Retirement planning articles are freely available on the Internet. I read many, many of these articles. I even wrote some of them!

These articles are usually written by experts and it is a great way to stay on top of the retirement planning landscape. However, I found that many articles are short on substance, contradictory, and simply confusing. But how do you get to the articles that will add value?

Well, the trick is to narrow your focus as much as possible. For example: How has the recession affected the retirement planning landscape? I recently wanted to know more about this. I googled 'retirement planning recession'. The search returns some excellent articles that appeared recently in the financial media.

But rarely would you find an article that describe your personal situation exactly. That's why it is good to read wide, to educate yourself regarding all aspects of retirement planning, and to take control of your personal situation. I always recommend that you appoint an independent, qualified, and experienced financial advisor to plan and manage your retirement plan, but it is essential that you don't accept everything your advisor tells you regardless. You need to do some research of your own and evaluate his or her advice before you act on it.

Many articles focus on the timeless truths regarding retirement planning. But when you are looking for strategical retirement planning advice, look for articles that originated after 2008.

The term post-recession is used for articles written after 2011. Frankly I hope these writers are on target. That we are in the post-recession phase. But markets remain volatile at the time of writing this. I am not yet convinced that we are in the post-recession phase. Retirement portfolios are perhaps not retracting anymore, but I don't see much growth yet. And the risk factors that caused the recession are, to my mind, still the same with no sign of settling down.

On this Web site we discuss numerous issues. Do visit our homepage and scroll down to the bottom for different categories around retirement planning. Each category has several related discussions and articles. All the articles are based on my personal experience, what I observe friends and former colleagues are doing, and my own research. You might find the retirement planning article you are looking for!

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