Which Retirement Planner Software?

Which retirement planner software to choose? Here I suggest some options available to you.

Let me state up front:

Even though some retirement planning software products are great and allow you to plan to the smallest detail, I would recommend that you rather find an experienced and well qualified retirement planning advisor.

And this recommendation is based on my own personal experience. Initially I did my own planning and used some retirement planning software. I thought I did pretty well, but when it came to the retirement investment planning part, I realized that I was hopelessly unqualified.

The exercise left me pretty well informed though, and when I finally selected an experienced advisor I could retain control of my own retirement planning.

But the advisor brought insights to the table that were beyond my frame of reference.

Most personal finance planning software include some retirement software. Financial planning software is not free although many employers make it available to their employees to use for free.

On this Web site we devote an entire section to financial planning for retirement. If you work through that you would probably get to the same conclusion as with some special retirement planning software.

As a start please visit our discussion on Retirement Planning Calculators before you move on to the discussion around retirement financial planning .

Retirement planning software is country specific. The best, by a large margin, if you are in the United States of America is the American Dream Planner Personal Edition. The software is very visual, easy to use, and its recalculation is fast.

This software runs only under Windows.

The price tag is insignificant compared to the amount at stake in your personal finance retirement planning.

But before you buy it, read our page on the subject of a retirement planning program.

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