Retirement Ideas or Ideas for Retirement?

Retirement ideas are probably what retirees would be looking for when their retirement becomes boring. Ideas for retirement, in my opinion, is a more positive and pro-active component of retirement planning.

I think the most important idea to kick around as part of your retirement planning is the question to stay put or to move on – so to speak! And the factor that's going to influence and determine the ideas you can consider is: How much money will you have in your combined retirement provision accounts?

If you can't answer that question, first visit our discussions on financial planning for your retirement and determine what your expected retirement income would be. Eliminate uncertainty!

In my day-to-day activities of building and maintaining, I come across stories by retirees that is heart breaking. Let me identify your biggest challenge up front: It is inflation!

Study upon study, as well as my personal observation, show inflation to be the crushing agent for retirement dreams. Your retirement expenses rise annually, because of inflation, but your retirement income rarely match that escalation.

Make provision in your calculation for this reality. If your conservative estimate shows that your retirement income will be adequate, your choice of ideas for retirement becomes much bigger. For example, you can stay on in your nice and comfortable house and maintain your current lifestyle.

But in most cases it would be prudent to move on to something smaller and to moderate your lifestyle. This is when it's time to kick around some ideas.

In my generation's time the so-called granny cottage was very popular. Children converted their houses to include an apartment or self standing cottage to accommodate retired parents. In today's climate, as several retirees pointed out to me, their children are struggling to make ends meet and they just can't help with the accommodation or support of parents.

Accommodation and cost of living are more affordable in smaller towns and villages and I noticed over the past couple of years how several of these towns became alive with retirees settling there. These communities tend to organize themselves efficiently in serving retirees.

For decades sea-side houses stood empty for ten to eleven months of the year. These houses are very affordable to rent out of season. As retirees who chose this option explained to me, during the holiday season when they can't afford to rent the house there are plenty opportunities for house-sitting for families that go to the sea-side on holiday!

One of the most popular ideas lately is the retirement community or village. It offers much more than the old retirement homes in the form of freedom and choices, but with services focused on retirees. These communities and villages vary in affordability.

Keep on talking about ideas for retirement, or even about retirement ideas. Listening to ideas and talking about it will clarify your own choice!

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