Fun with a Retirement Clock!

Some of our visitors look for a retirement clock! Strictly speaking a retirement countdown clock has got nothing to do with retirement planning.

However, I can imagine that some of you are actually counting down the days to retirement.

My guess is that you've done your homework. You've done your retirement planning. You've eliminated uncertainty. You've educated yourself and retained control of your retirement planning!

If the above is not true, please visit the pages on this Web site that discuss the challenges and reality of retirement. Educate yourself and eliminate any uncertainty around your retirement.

But it's really the retirement countdown clock you are looking for. Right?


Use this Search Box to search for the keywords "retirement countdown clock". You'll find several cute little Retirement Countdown Clocks from for less than US$15. It will sit on your desk unobtrusively and countdown those days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

If you prefer your retirement countdown clock to be prominently displayed on your PC screen, you can download a free clock from It is a powerful customizable clock for numerous applications and fun to use.

I was unable to find a similar free retirement countdown clock that runs on a Mac. However, you can download a generic Countdown Dashboard Widget for the Mac. You set the date and time of the event and it shows the time left. In addition to single events, like your retirement date, the counter can be repeated daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly and it advances automatically when the alert goes off. It’s the perfect widget for reminders on single events: lunchbreaks, weekends, paying your monthly bills or birthdays, holidays, and your retirement date!

You can download this widget here!

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