There's Opportunity in Retirement!

An opportunity in retirement is quite real. You just need to look for it! Let me discuss some possibilities to help you find your own opportunity in retirement.

Retirement is the time when you have the time! I recall vividly when I lamented, tongue in the cheek of course, that the one thing I haven't got is time!

When I lamented those words I was still working long hours, stressed out of my mind, rushing to meetings all over the world. I couldn't imagine a life with time in abundance! Today I can truthfully state that the one thing I've got is time!

Here are some ideas on what to do with your time:

My wife and I love traveling. After my retirement we still lived in Switzerland and I was only moderately busy doing some consulting and development work. And we traveled extensively. If we were not visiting some obscure region in Italy, France, or Switzerland, we were planning another trip!

Traveling creates opportunities too. I planned numerous trips for friends and family on request. We acted as guides on many occasions.

There is often a chance to do some consulting work for your former employer after your retirement. I even did some business development for my former employer. But I didn't find it as fulfilling and rewarding as I anticipated. And it interfered with our traveling!

I am still involved as a non-executive director of a young but growing international group of companies on a volunteer basis. They only pay my direct cost. I find it very interesting to stay in touch with international business issues. I find it also alarming when they want to make the same mistakes I made when I expanded my former company internationally!

Fun in further education
I never had the gift of languages. But as we were living in Southern Switzerland we enrolled for several Italian language courses after retirement. I still can't speak Italian fluently, but we had a lot of fun learning.

I also wanted to know more about building a Web site. My first Web site was about, you guessed it, our travels. It was a complete disaster. I didn't stick to the rules!

The current Web site, that is Retirement-Planning-Central.Com, is doing much better. I studied all the course material and took no short cuts. You can learn more about the platform I chose by clicking here. The page will open in a new window.

Retirement Planning
Long before I started this Web site, I helped some friends and family with their retirement planning. What astounded me was that people would listen very politely and then go and do what they wanted to do in the first place!

That convinced me that you can only eliminate uncertainty if you educate yourself sufficiently so that you can take control of your own retirement planning. And that is what I try to accomplish with Retirement-Planning-Central.Com.

Restoring something
Many retirees find great pleasure in restoring things to their original condition. We did it with some old furniture that we inherited.

Recently I met a retiree who drove Peugeot cars all his life. He owns several of these cars that's more than forty years old and they are in perfect working condition.

Another friend restored the house that have been in his family for more that a century and turned it into a family museum operating as a upmarket guest house!

After retirement we made a point of it to get to know our grand children. I struggled a bit in the beginning, but my wife was adamant. Today our grand children are entering their teens and they still love it to spend a week with us in a nature reserve without their parents. We formed a bond that I never had with my grand parents.

The above are just a few ideas. Retirees have a wealth of knowledge and experience. The pursuit of a hobby is low risk. Volunteer work in your community. Even part time employment. There is opportunity in retirement!

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