Consult a Financial Planning Retirement Planner Sooner Rather Than Later

A financial planning retirement planner can add much value to your financial planning especially in the early years when you tend to leave retirement planning on the back burner.

But how do you select a financial planning retirement advisor if you know nothing about the issues and challenges of retirement planning yourself?

My advice would be that you invest a couple of hours on research around retirement planning

  • Understand the purpose and benefits of the various retirement provision plans available to you.
  • Scrutinize your current spending budget and track your spending.
  • Define your desired retirement lifestyle and make a projection of how much retirement income you're going to need to sustain that lifestyle.
  • Use some retirement planning tools to estimate how much you'll actually have in your combined retirement accounts at retirement.
  • You'll almost certainly notice a significant shortfall. Research other retirement savings instruments like annuities that's available to you.

On this Web site we have discussions on all the subjects mentioned above. Use it to educate yourself and to be informed. Only then can you take control of your own retirement planning. Only then would you be qualified to consult a financial planning retirement planner.

Spend time with the retirement planning worksheets that we review. Use the retirement planning spreadsheet that we recommend. Do some 'what if' scenarios with the retirement income planners we review. Play with the best retirement income calculators that we found. And take note of the reasons and motivation for using the particular tools we recommend.

Interview a couple of retirement planners in your area. Insurance companies, investment companies, and even banks often offer the service of a retirement planner as a free service. Be aware that you'll probably be steered towards the retirement investment products of that company.

It would be prudent to interview also some qualified, experienced, and independent retirement planners too. You'll pay a fee for his or her service, but you'll have the peace of mind that the retirement planning is focused for your benefit and your benefit alone.

That was my personal experience too. I initially used advisors from various institutions. I ended up with an independent advisor, but I retain control of my portfolio.

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