The Best Retirement Funds for You

The best retirement funds that work for you is unlikely to work for the next person! Simply because each person's lifestyle dynamics and investment preferences are different.

So which are the best retirement funds for you? That's a call only you can make. Perhaps with some guidance from your independent retirement planning advisor. But you'll have to do the research yourself. To understand these funds. To take control of your own planning. To eliminate uncertainty.

The advent of target-date retirement funds, also known as life-cycle funds left me personally a bit uncomfortable. The lack of verifiable track records on performance means that you must trust the fund managers – and their promises (also known as projections) – blindly. Even though these retirement funds seem to be popular, I would prefer a managed portfolio of mutual funds. Mutual funds have a much longer verifiable track record.

What's more, their performance is monitored actively by the financial press - as it has been doing for decades. You can choose funds for your managed portfolio that appeal to your risk tolerance profile and investment preferences.

The downside is that you've got to manage your portfolio actively on an ongoing basis. And that's where target-date retirement portfolios become very attractive. The mix of mutual funds in which the target retirement fund invests changes over time from aggressive to conservative. It puts your retirement portfolio on auto-pilot, so to speak! That's why they are also called life-cycle funds.

But that's my opinion! How about you?

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